October 24, 2020

Awards for 2012

On Saturday, March 13th, 2013 the GFWC Virginia Northern District held a spring meeting at the Piedmont Country Club . The Clifton Community Woman’s Club received awards in the following categories:


For Large Clubs


Best Project:  Clifton Community Woman’s Club   The Best Project Award is given to Clifton Community Woman’s Club for their outreach project “SUNDRESSES for CHILDEN OF HAITI.”  Twelve club members gathered to sew sundresses for children in Haiti which were subsequently shipped as part of “Project Starfish” (a project which aids underdeveloped countries.). Four sewing machines, a “loose” assembly line (for cutting, ironing, sewing, and inserting elastic) yielded 35 lovely sundresses for the children. (P.S. The day’s Hostess provided a soup & dessert lunch!)


Best Project:  Clifton Community Woman’s Club.  The Best Project Award is given to Clifton Community Woman’s Club for their focus this year on bringing educational programs to their group.  This club held informative meetings about women’s history, downsizing a home, writing and sharing original poetry, space travel through the experiences of a NASA astronaut, and the literary journey of a successful Harlequin Romance novelist.  Knowing that learning is a life-long process, how nice it is to be exposed to the talents and expertise of others to foster our own personal growth!


Best Project Clifton Community Woman’s Club With a focus on serving senior citizens, the Clifton Community Woman’s Club hosts a “Get Away Luncheon” each month from September thru May. Their guests include residents of both a local nursing facility and an affiliated assisted/independent living facility, as well as staff from the facilities. These luncheons are held in a member’s home and the guests are treated to lunch, conversation, and sometimes entertainment or special treats. These outings serve as a way to help residents stay engaged in the larger community.


Best Project:  Clifton Community Woman’s Club This Club, under the leadership of its president, compiled eleven bins of club history by cleaning out, reorganizing, and consolidating years of information.  With the help of the Fairfax County Library they were able to save membership meetings’ minutes and issues of their club newsletter on microfiche.  One member organized the club’s certificates into an album.  Another member saved all of the club’s old videos to CD’s.  By the time the project was concluded all the records had been consolidated into two bins for posterity.  A huge undertaking, but now that it is in place, the history of the Clifton Community Woman’s Club is preserved!


Honorable Mention: Clifton Community Woman’s Club This club is involved in Historic Site Preservation at 3 different locations, raising money to support restoration and preservation, and serving on Boards to help with the Fairfax Station Railroad Museum.  They also support the Military with coupons for overseas bases ($35,236.40), sending care packages to American soldiers, as well as donating to the Armed Services YMCA and the Yellow Ribbon Fund.  They presented a program on the perils of scams, fraud and identity theft with specific ways to better protect our information and our possessions.  This club supports its citizens with donations to the Clifton Betterment Association (non profit), the Vision Series from George Mason University, as well as distributing brochures for member to both day and night units of this group.


Best Overall Program Honorable Mention:  Clifton Community Woman’s Club – The Clifton Community Woman’s Club has a diverse program that encourages member participation in artistic expression as well as enabling community venues that celebrate the arts.  An unusual and creative use of their club newsletter encouraged members to become knowledgeable about the year’s Oscar contenders.  They held a fun “Oscars Prediction Contest” via their newsletter with the winner being awarded a prize and bragging rights!


Best Project: Clifton Community Woman’s Club   Again, the sum total of activities for the club shows a huge commitment to improve their communication efforts both internally and to the public through their website, yearbook, newsletter, emails, and community outreach via press and other community organizations for projects like their annual House Tour.



Best overall program: Clifton Community Woman’s Club When it comes to club leadership, the “proof is in the pudding” and for that reason Clifton Community Woman’s Club deserves the award for Best Overall Program.  Their recipe for a comprehensive, cohesive club has yielded a dynamic organization with leaders at every level of federation. The club racked up over 6,000 volunteer hours in its wide-ranging projects and successful fundraisers ($26,549.75)