October 24, 2020

Awards for 2014

On Saturday, March 14th, 2014, the GFWC Northern District held a spring meeting at the Springfield Country Club. The Clifton Community Woman’s Club received awards in the following categories:

For Large Clubs

This club exhibits exceptional community outreach through their newsletter, website, and Facebook. Their use of media outlets for their programs and well -known events is focused and well executed.

Best over all: This club volunteers at local art and performing arts venues, hosts an annual arts contest, visited the Richmond Museum of Art to see the Chinese Forbidden City exhibit, posts information of upcoming art events in the newsletter, started a photography group, and donates money to George Mason University for scholarships in dance and music.

Best over all: This club practices conservation monthly by bringing mugs to their meetings rather than using paper cups, suggests monthly conservation tips and advertises recycling Sundays at the county dump, brings magazines to meetings to share, collects books for a museum book sale, and recycles ink cartridges at Staples, the proceeds of which are donated to the Humane Society of Fairfax.

Best Project: This club has 7 officer positions and an additional 36 co-chair positions. The number of ladies involved in planning and doing comprises over half of the club membership