October 24, 2020


The Letiecq-Noonan Home

Noonan-LetiecqThe Letiecq-Noonan home is located at the corner of Water and Chapel Streets in downtown Clifton. The home has the historical marker “Fletcher House” in the front yard. Built in 1900, this was once the home of Anna Fletcher Sprouse, who served for over 50 years as the Postmistress of Clifton. The Fletcher house was one of the last homes in Fairfax County to have indoor plumbing. It was installed in 1996. The home was purchased by Peter Noonan in 2002 from the family of Anna Fletcher Sprouse. In 2006 Peter worked with local Clifton architect, Royce Jarrendt, to design a major renova-tion of the Fletcher home. He added a basement, a large family room off the kitchen, new upstairs baths, and an extensive master suite upstairs.

You will enter the Letiecq-Noonan home into the original foyer with the 1900 staircase and heart pine floors. Off this foyer is an entrance to the home’s original root cellar for cold storage. The foyer area leads you into an open and inviting kitchen and family room. Old style charm effortlessly meets modern open living. The dining room once served as the home’s original parlor. Bethany describes their residence as a comfortable place of rest. The decor is playful, colorful, and peaceful.

Once upstairs you will see Bethany’s office with an original painting of a girl at a piano, which was painted by her grandmother. Marks on the hardwood floors in the upstairs hall show where the orig-inal home ended and the 2006 addition begins. The Fletcher Sprouse family raised 8 children in the original home, which was much smaller than its current footprint.

Original three-panel doors, complete with graffiti from the Fletcher Sprouse children, are found in the children’s bedrooms. Closets were added to the children’s bedrooms in 2006. A mark on the floor in the daughter’s bedroom shows where a chimney once went through the home.

The new master suite, which has a sitting area and a work and study space, is large and glorious. A state-of-the-art master bath and huge walk-in closet accommodate modern day life.

The home is replete with colorful and unique artwork. Because Peter is originally from New Mexico, there are a number of Georgia O’Keefe prints in the home. Bethany, who is originally from Rhode Island, lived in Montana for a number of years. Other Western art, inspired from her time in Mon-tana, brighten the home as well.

The new basement is used as a kids hangout area. It is casual, stylish, and functional with wood-look, ceramic tile floors, and comfortable furniture.

The original front porch has been extended to wrap around the entire home and leads to a sweet slate patio off of the kitchen. Bethany and the family have an herb garden in this area. There is also a small butterfly garden off the side porch by the driveway. This garden has plants such as milk-weed, joe-pye weed, and butterfly bushes to support the butterflies. The family also makes an effort to include native Virginia plants in other areas of the property to help maintain the health of the en-vironment in Clifton.

The Letiecq-Noonan Home is a wonderful example of restoring a historic property to function for modern day family life, while maintaining the history and integrity of the original structure. It is a joy to spend time in this unique, wonderful home.

Flower arrangements are designed by Dominion Valley Garden Club.

Parking in town and a short walk to the house just beyond the firehouse.