October 19, 2020


The Lynne Garvey-Hodge Home
“Hidden Gem”
7017 Union Mill Road, Clifton


Lynne Garvey-Hodge is an acclaimed artist, historian, civic activist, author and professional leadership consultant. This is not the first time the indefatigable Lynne has shown one of her homes on our tour. But it is the debut reveal of the “Hidden Gem”, which Lynne moved into last August, and which serves as her gracious home, corporate headquarters for LGH, Inc., and an off-site retreat center.
The 1960’s building is in the Arts and Crafts tradition, which is not really a single style, but more of an intellectual approach to a rewarding lifestyle. Arts and Crafts houses encourage informal but cultured living, the use of natural materials such as stone, brick and wood, airy light-filled rooms that interact with the outdoors, and the tasteful arrangement of decorative and useful objects.
A perfect description of the “Hidden Gem”! To be a guest here is to sink into a luxurious four poster bed,
perhaps in a robe which Lynne has thoughtfully provided, or into a cozy seat in front of one of several fireplaces with a warm cup of tea in hand.
There are amply stocked bookshelves to delve into, and Lynne’s own artwork adorns the walls and rewards a close study. While enjoying the bedrooms upstairs, look in the hallway for the painting of a small snow covered town (evocative of Clifton), which she did when she was only eleven years old! Exceptional. And what’s with the snails peaking out of every corner of the home? Lynne has a sentimental association with the little mollusk. It was the mascot of the Madeira School in McLean, her daughter’s alma mater.
Virtually every room has picturesque views over rolling acres of lawn, oaks and sycamores, and a large pond and stream. Don’t miss the colorful garden off the basement patio, and from there treat yourself to a quiet stroll along any of the trails down to the water or out to the charming gazebo. You will come away with a sense of mind-body-soul wellbeing, which is exactly the point of the “Hidden Gem”.

Flower arrangements designed by
Rocky Run Garden Club

Parking: Please follow the instructions of the parking attendant.