About Us

CCWC was founded in 1971. It began as a group of neighbors getting together to address several community issues. From there, the idea of a Woman’s Club grew and was structured along with the same service areas as the General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC).

It included: performing and creative arts, conservation and gardening, education, home life, public issues, and international outreach. In addition to the ongoing projects and activities, the Club has contributed to the establishment of the Fairfax Station Railroad Museum, the Legato School, and the establishment of the Burke Centre Library.

Betty Alphin, who was one of the founding members and past President, has written her recollections of the beginning of CCWC and her story is a testament for citizens to come together to create an active community.

In addition to being a service organization, we also take time to have fun and form lifelong friendships. Here are some of the social activities our members enjoy.

·       Book Club
·       Bridge Club
·       Bunco
·       Garden Tour Outings
·       Performing Art Outings
·       Great Decisions Program
·       Monthly Speakers or Creative Presentations
·       Holiday Socials
·       Arts and Crafts Contest